DocuSign from 1 July 2015

24 June 2015

Jigsaw Tax has invested in new technology to enable most documents to be signed electronically.

From 1 July:
– if you are in our office, you will be asked to sign on our tablet rather than a paper document
– instead of mailing documents, you will now receive an email and a unique code to your mobile so you can sign via email.

Benefits of DocuSign?

Security: an email and unique SMS code is regarded as more secure than a standard signature, which can be easily forged or intercepted in the posy. No missing Tax File Numbers in the mail.

Time/Postage: you won’t have to go to the post office to send us back your signed returns, or make time to drop them off at our office.

Quick turn around time: we will send you a copy of your return; you can review it instantly; if accepted and e-signed, we will lodge your return within 1 business day. You can also return the document, unsigned, and notate questions that you would like answered – all through the secure DocuSign system.

Any device / any time: DocuSign is available on PC/Mac/Linux and also on Android/Apple/Windows tablets and phones. You can be waiting for an appointment or on the bus home, and use any of your internet connected devices to review, sign and send back documents for lodgement – more time at home to relax and get your refund back earlier.

Accessibility: need to send a copy of your last tax return to the bank? You’ll have a PDF copy in your email ready to go. No need to waste time scanning any documents. Even if your computer breaks or stolen, your email will contain a link to the document.

Cost: All our clients will be able to e-sign documents, and store/retrieve documents for up to 20 years for NO COST.

Environmentally friendly: Jigsaw Tax is committed ensuring a sustainable future. DocuSign allows Jigsaw Tax and its clients to reduce paper wastage and the environmental costs of transporting documents.

What do I need to do?

Please ensure that your email address (individual or family) and mobile phone (per individual) is updated with our office. Please call our office or email For minors, a legal guardian’s email/phone number will be acceptable.

You will not have to create an account with DocuSign to complete documents

Is this legal?

Australia’s Electronic Transactions Act (1999) is the regulatory framework for electronic transactions and states: “documents signed online with legally compliant e-signature software are as valid and binding as traditional pen-and-paper documents.” ATO allows agents to accept e-signatures as valid.

How do I get my signature onto my computer?

If using a touch device (like a tablet or smart phone), then you can use your finger to sign. Alternatively, you can take a photo of your signature if your mobile device is equipped with a camera.

The easiest way is to adopt an e-signature, based on the templates in DocuSign. While it may not look like your personal signature, it is still accepted as your signature – it is the act of signing (whether with your personal signature or a template or even an ‘X’) that makes a document legally binding. DocuSign collects the various information, including the device name, IP address, GPS location, time, date and confirmation of your unique code to ensure it is you who is signing.

Do I have to sign up for DocuSign?

At the end of signing a document, DocuSign will prompt you to sign-up for a free account. Regretfully, we cannot disable this prompt – YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SIGN UP, but we recommend for our business clients, especially those who lodge their BAS or ASIC documents through our office to register. You will then gain access to all your e-signed documents in one place (from Jigsaw Tax and other providers), track what documents are outstanding, and even update your signature.

What if I don’t like it?

We understand that e-signing may be new and looks complicated – we feel that the security, storage and portability abilities are superior normal paper and pen signatures.

In order to help with the transition, staff at our office will be available to assist you over the phone to e-sign the document. Even drop by one of our 3 offices, and we’ll step you through it on one of our tablets.

If you still feel uncomfortable e-signing, our office will be more than happy to send you paper copies.