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Keeping your info secure

Technology is a great way for businesses to increase productivity and stay relevant in today's economy. But individuals and businesses need to be aware that today's technology can leave you vulnerable to cybercrime if you don't take the right precautions. It's highly recommended by industry experts that you use two-step verification (i.e. a two-step log-in process) to protect your individual and business interests.

How cloud-based technology can help your business

We now live in an era where every aspect of business management that used to be on paper is now done digitally. What’s more, we are rapidly moving into a period where everything that was once done online. This is an exciting time for business owners as so much of the work involved in running a business can now happen at any place or time, thanks to cloud-based technology.

Here are all the ways that cloud-based technology can help you run your business, as well as the software options available to you.

Key Changes to FBT for 2018

Fringe benefits are an important part of business and can be a useful way of attracting quality staff. However, if you're going to provide fringe benefits to your staff, you need to be aware of your taxation obligations.
Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) can be difficult to understand, particularly when the government constantly makes changes to legislation. The experienced staff at Jigsaw Tax and Advisory can assist with all your FBT needs.
Here are five key changes to FBT which will take effect from 2018 year onwards:

Choosing your business structure

Australia’s complex tax laws and regulations make it time-consuming and costly to choose a small business structure. Jigsaw Tax & Advisory can provide guidance and assistance in helping you choose the correct structure for your business. The choice of structure will depend on the size and type of business, your personal circumstances and how much you plan to grow your business in future.  The type of business structure you choose can determine:

• Tax liabilities
• Responsibilities as a business owner
• Potential personal liability

A Time to Reflect

It has been an extremely busy year at Jigsaw Tax this year, and I always like to take a moment at the end of the year to reflect on the year that was. It is a time to congratulate myself on my achievements, consider what I could have done better and what I would like to achieve in the coming year. Perhaps you can take some time out and think about these things yourself, and write them down so that you can monitor your progress in 2015. So in order to be accountable – here goes!

Room for improvement

In 2015 I am going to improve the following things

Jo’s Budget Blog

Well, wasn’t that a different budget to last year? After last year’s budget packed with unpopular austerity measures to combat the “Budget Crisis”, this year the tone is much more about investment, encouragement and dare I say – a looming election.