Financial Director

If you feel like your business finances are becoming too complex, growing too fast or too slow, you're having trouble getting meaningful information out of your accounting reports, or are considering an expansion or investment, come and see us.

Our qualified CPAs work with a diverse portfolio of industries and have the knowledge and skills to best help your financial position and offer advice on the future of your business.

What is a Financial Director?

Every large company employs a qualified Financial Director or CFO to help guide their business with strong financial information. Small businesses cannot afford a full-time qualified CFO - our Financial Director service allows you to be in regular contact with an accountant with knowledge and experience for a fraction of the cost and resources required.

How does it work?

Firstly, we implement and train you in book-keeping on Xero/QBO/MYOB, or refer you to a trusted book keeper. Correct and up to date information is an important part of any businesses that wants to succeed.

An annual half to full day planning session would be required with all business owners, their partners and key personnel/staff to determine:
- business goals
- lifestyle goals
- cost control
- budgeting

- Key Performance Indicators
- funding requirements
 tax planning
- retirement and succession planning
- other

Monthly/Quarterly planning sessions of approximately 1.5 hours are held to discuss tracking against budget and KPI's as well as exploring new opportunities.

We provide reports, diagrams and facilitate discussion on new ideas to guide your overall strategic plan.

Technology partners

We use cloud technology to assist in obtaining up to date information and leveraging new opportunities. Each technology deployment takes into account your personal situation, your requirements and your business.
Examples include:
- moving to cloud storage for files
- installation of desktop software, e.g. Common Ledger, to extract data from your offline MYOB file into our reporting system
- metric measurement in Crunchboards or similar
- implementing online accounting solutions such as QBO or Xero or MYOB AccountRightLive
- use of phone apps, such as ReceiptBank to capture receipt and invoices to help manage not only your income/expenses but cash flow and ATO document data retention.
- replacing the old notebook with an iPad enabled with Figured to manage your farm and livestock and provide back-up data services
- employing KeyPay cloud solutions, allowing you to remotely process payroll: staff can check in via an iPad kiosk (with a photo record of attendance), issue rosters by email/SMS, pay staff online and comply with Modern Awards.

How much does it cost?

We provide an initial scoping and discussion with you on your business free of charge.
A follow up proposal, providing options on business management and tax planning is provided shortly after the meeting.

Our fixed monthly fee covers
- Compliance for income tax for your business group and immediate family
- ASIC annual review and corporate register maintenance (ASIC annual fee is not included)
- Software and app subscription costs
- Audit insurance (if applicable and recommended for high-risk industries)
- Finance Director services with regular meetings
- Training on software package of choice
- and other requirements detailed in the proposal